I am less than a month away from being an @NBPTS certified teacher and I am lost as to what my role is in education. I feel as if I am at a dead end. I don’t want to be in admin.

The past 3 weeks of my teaching career have been more stressful than they should have been. I have been struggling a lot lately seeing how my new district does things so so poorly. Everything is so compartmentalized and paper based. I was awarded a grant for community excursions to get my students into the community and using services available to them. I have been met with a bureaucratic nightmare. I can’t go to the people who have the answers, I have to go to a, who goes to b, who goes to c.

So yes, I am angry. Angry how teachers are treated as disposable and not valued members of society.

So yes, I am mad. Mad at how I cannot take a sick day without fear of not having someone to watch my class. Knowing that my fellow teachers will have to cover my class because of reasons that political at best!

So yes, I am frustrated. Frustrated at how i have no control over anything as it relates to my career in education. My job is 1000% dependent on what other people think about how I should run my classroom and guide my students.

But yes, I am inspired. Inspired at how, I can do something about all of this.

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