So not many people know about the choices I have made recently.

I love my job, the students I work with, and the admin I work with. My district however does not have the growth opportunities I want. I don’t want to be in the classroom for the rest of my career. We received our contracts for the 18-19 school year on February 14th at 9am. We had until 4pm to sign or resign to get a $200 incentive. Due to some choices I made, I needed the $200 and submitted my resignation. Shortly after a good friend and I decided we needed to get our school admin certs and I thought it best to stay where I was.

In order to do that I had to reapply for my job. When I reapplied, I made a commitment to my current admin to stop looking elsewhere and even told districts that offered me a position that I chose to stay where I was. That was February 28th. Fast forward to Sunday, March 18th and I sent an email to my principal that I might need to go out for surgery and wanted to schedule some time to talk with her. She said she needed to talk to me as well, but we would do it on Monday.

If you know me, I can’t wait, especially with how it was presented. So I text messaged her and she told me that the district, without her prior knowledge had offered my current position to someone else for next school year. And that there was not much she could do about it. She noted that I should try to stay in the district, that things could change, but I let her know the only reason I was staying in the district was for her, the AP, and my 2 para professionals.

I knew the choice I made would have consequences, but I still feel angry, betrayed, and hurt. I think I know why they did what they did; I stepped on too many toes, and pissed someone off – not because I was a brat, but because I was too forward thinking.

So that puts me at today. I went to a job fair in a nearby district, one that my sister in law is retiring from, and I felt like a piece of cattle. Of the open positions in special education, of which there were 11 of them, only 1 of them was any interest to me. There was also a coaching position, and I applied for that one as well. In calling Mark after spending 10 minutes there, I told him it took me longer to get ready and to drive there then the whole job fair. There were no interviews or offers being made, even though that was stated in the email about the event.

I am not giving up hope. I have an interview Thursday with the district I worked in previously, and at a school I am excited about, so we shall see. Fingers crossed.

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