I’ve needed to say this for the last few days and I didn’t know how. The school closures have demonstrated one MAJOR flaw in America, how inequalitable things are.

  1. We’re moving to online learning. Great what about our kiddos who don’t have computers or internet? Who is going to design the online learning? What happens if the teachers tech goes down?
  2. We still need to provide special education services. Great, how do we provide related services like OT, PT, Speech in distance learning? How do we provide behavior support? How do we evaluate students?
  3. We need to be ready to go in 3 days so you have 3 hours to get everything ready. Great, where do we pull resources from? How do we edit the PDFs to make the accessible for kiddos? Why were we told this yesterday?
  4. We need paras to continue offering support. Great, how do we get them access to technology? What will they be doing? Who will they be supporting?
  5. We expect to go back to school on 4/10 be ready to get kids back into the swing of things as testing will need to be completed by 5/31. Great, um…. uh…

I guess I am trying to say, every meme right now is saying how important educators and educational institution are and we are stepping up to the plate but once this is all over will other stakeholders do the same.

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