I’d like to clarify something. Schools, teachers and all school employees are not your ENEMIES. We did not create this pandemic. Just because you didn’t see us struggle, doesn’t mean we didn’t. When schools closed, we had to put on more hats and become even more creative than before.

  • We became “tech”
  • We became your information source
  • We counseled guardians struggling to teach their own kids
  • We cried.. a lot
  • We participated in more Zoom meetings than there are hours in the day
  • We drove by your homes to drop off work
  • We stayed up late trying to come up with innovative ways for children to keep learning
  • We prayed… cried and prayed some more
  • We worried about each child that we knew wasn’t getting the attention he or she needed or that one friendly smile
  • We were in constant contact with colleagues for ideas and support
  • We held fitness zoom class (even though we are not the PE teacher)
  • We never stopped trying…

So please, stop saying or writing hurtful, angry remarks about how “schools “ need to try harder… that “they” need to do better! Etc… If there was a perfect way to do this, it would have been done. We are doing our best and we are doing it with budget cuts, a lot of new rules to follow and a mask over our face.

Instead work with us, pray for us, support us and hold the people in charge of this country and state accountable. We know exactly how education has been effected by this pandemic and we are still trying, we are gearing up for the unknown this new school year will bring.

We are not the enemy…

I did not write this a facebook friend did, but I wanted this to be saved for much longer than a facebook post my live.

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