Today is the first day of school in my district. We have teachers supporting students over three different instructional models for the first time today. As an instructional coach, I support 34 special education teachers who work with students from preschool through middle school with disabilities ranging from specific learning disability to multiple and severe disabilities.

Not one of those teachers signed up for distance learning and as leaders we need to give them grace and some flexibility, just as much as we need to give ourselves that same grace and flexibility.

Howdy Friends,

For many of us, this is not where we wanted to be today. Not in the way of teaching and learning with our students, but sitting in our empty classrooms teaching to a computer screen. To be honest, I can share an inspirational quote or give a pep talk about how you can do it, but you already know this. You know that you are amazing educators who give 150% to your students and their learning. 

So here is what I am going to share, it’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect today, tomorrow, next week, or ever. Things may not go right, you may struggle, and things may break down. And you know what, it is all okay. Allowing yourself to be flexible for yourself and your students is what made you an amazing educator before March 2020, and that flexibility will allow you to continue to be an amazing educator. But most importantly, above all else allow yourself some grace and take care of yourself and your needs. 

Good luck. Keep calm and carry on. 

1 thought on “A Letter to my Teachers

  1. I hope your teachers will take that to heart. It’s compassionate permission from YOUR heart to THEIRS to be human and being human is the best thing we can be for our students.

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